Arnold Schönberg Center, Archiv

As of May 2022, the Arnold Schoenberg Center's holdings of recordings will be accessible through an audio database, which, in addition to providing research resources, will make excerpts of the included recordings audible.

When Wayne Shoaf's The Schoenberg discography appeared in print in 1994 with just over 260 pages, Leonard Stein, Director of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute, speculated that the next edition would be the size of a telephone directory. In fact, future updates were made online, in an excellent website, whose technical state, however, had to remain in the 20th century. When the Arnold Schönberg Center took over the discography from Shoaf – former archivist of the Institute – purchases continued, but cataloging based on the old system could no longer be continued. With the help of a software engineer, it was finally possible to transfer all the entries of the "old" discography into a modern database.. The cleaning of the data was followed by the import and linking of all CDs with recordings of works by Arnold Schönberg – the entire collection, including new additions, is now completely searchable and audible in excerpts.
At the center of the database are the recordings. Each recording of a work by Arnold Schönberg is assigned its own entry. This in turn leads to one or more, mostly commercial, CDs on which the recordings can be heard. A combination of full text and keyword search makes it possible to search for performers, works by Arnold Schönberg, other included composers as well as record labels. Due to the complex transfer of the original HTML document into the current database structure, there are still some imperfections – but don't let that stop you from exploring the extensive Schönberg discography already!