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Object #37 / Arnold Schönberg: Garden

Oil on board
ca. 1906–7
Catalogue raisonné 141

Belmont Music Publishers, Pacific Palisades/CA

“In your pictures (which I received from the carrier only yesterday: we have been back in Munich two days) I see a great deal. And two roots: 1) ‘pure’ realism, that is, things as they are, and at the same time their inner sonority. It is that which I foretold in my book as ‘fantasy in the most austere subject matter.’ It is at the opposite pole from my own art and … grows spiritually out of the same root: a chair lives, a line lives – and that is finally, and fundamentally, equivalent. This ‘fantasy’ I love very much, most particularly as it occurs in your pictures! Self-Portrait, Garden (not the one I wanted, but also a very good one).”
(Wassily Kandinsky to Arnold Schönberg, November 16, 1911)

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